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blackouts, random strangers kissing, improvised pole dancing, slutty behaviors, embarrassing pictures online, friendship requests from unknown and/or weird people on FB, phone numbers written on your chest, empty wallet. black suit. black tie. black belt. black watch and shoes. whiskey and cigar. other side of the bar. black long dress. high heels and a cocktail. expensive watch and nice neklace.shoes walking next to the high heels. chatting for a few minutes. leaving their seats at the bar. walking till the middle of the room and dancing. slowly moving. black suit holds his arms around the black dress. too muck whiskey and cocktails. the suit and the dress are leaving the bar. outside. raining. badly. suit jacket leaves the shirt and goes around the black dress. black high heels shoes are in his hand now. getting in a cab. yellow. bad taxi driver. bad roads. even worst weather. stairs. no power. no elecricity. blackout. keys. door opening. sound of laughing and door shutting. black suit. black tie. black belt. black watch and shoes. black long dress. take it off.

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