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Marley. Bob.


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you are the sun and burn my flesh although the skin has no marks while I’m turning towards you. honestly, I prefer the moon better. we play poker all night and she laughs when I do something stupid. winter is coming. won’t see you too soon. maybe a few hours per day, few days per season. long season, they say on the news here. rest of the days I’m spending nearby the other astral that you hate. sure, you’ll be jealous as usual. when didn’t you. but the fucking gravity won’t let me leave the earth. I am trying every time to get to you but I can fly just too little. gravity, stay the hell away from me. just need to ask you why. tears are salted, tested them a few times till now. could preserve them in a jar and offer them as a gift when you celebrate something, cause you don’t seem have a birthday. how come you never met each other? you would get along though seem quite different. trust me, I know stars. the sentences don’t make any sense. you want me, i like the company of the moon and i’m stuck here. can’t raise to her level it seems. could be that this is a story. you asked for one. the song won a grammy, should raise to your expectations.

these are the kind of songs that u just broke up with your girl, and your goin to the bar and you just hear this song and you see people playing pool in the background. and then you ask bartender another one plz.

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mr. big

Mr Big (played by Chris Noth), is the quintessential alpha male heartbreaker. He is the man every woman has loved and not succeeded in pinning down to a commitment. Mr Big is a ‘catch’. Rich, powerful, charming, handsome but not too pretty, witty… the list goes on and on. What most appeals, for me, at least, is that when he’s with a woman, he makes her feel like she’s the centre of the universe. He is tall and sexy, with a huge wallet and the tendency to sweep her off her feet. There’s not a single woman out there who hasn’t pictured what her Mr Perfect would look like at some point in her life. The biggest factor that seems to attract women to this man and to applying him to any future men they meet as a benchmark is the fact that no matter how many times he messed up in the end he came through. People tend to say that women are all looking for Mr. Big, hoping to find the same thing for themselves. However what they don’t seem to realize is that Mr. Big had a dark side. When you look at that character, he isn’t the best guy in the world. He led Carrie around, treated her badly at times and made her life a living hell. He wanted her when she was with someone else and enjoyed chasing her, but once he got her, he didn’t know what to do. He slept with her while married to another woman and even left her stranded at the altar. Why in the world would any woman want a man like that?

am inteles.

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timpul se comprima. din ce in ce mai mult in ultima vreme. zilele sunt mai scurte, orele parca la fel. multe s-au intamplat in ultimele luni, unele inca se intampla. […] patru zile la mare. singur. fara prieteni, fara fete. just something for my soul. pe dracu. am rezistat doar doua. costinesti. am stat zilele cu un prieten, si noptile cu o ea. nimic deosebit. trecator. temporar. vremelnic. tranzitoriu. efemer. pasager. este totusi, o fata inteligenta. somn la 7 dimineata, baie in mare la 4 noaptea. rasaritul pe plaja. tineretului. tigari. nu tutun. […]o alta ea. bruneta, inalta, subtire. rock style. fotograf. daca e sa o caracterizeze un cuvant, ala e libertate. sau shedoesn’tgiveafuck. si credeam ca eu am talent. fata superba. fotografii superbe. ploaie nesfarsita. amintiri frumoase. alt oras, la prea mare departare. voi veni din nou pe la tine, fata enigmatica.[…] prieteni vechi, prea mult vin, nopti pierdute, poker, asemanare cu mr. big (habar n-am daca e de bine). zile libere, excursii prin tara. rasete. glume proaste. doua invitatii la concertul lui banica de craciun. veta.. incerc sa ajung. metamorfoza. kafta. ce carte!  twilight. mai nou, mein kampf. frig. ploaie. tigari.  mai putine, ce-i drept. teatru. stand-up comedy. un neon de culoare verede, ca in koop island. si fumul tigarilor mele capata forme. tot ce ma inconjoara capata forma cuiva. ploaia capata forma fotografiilor ei, pernele capata forma unei alte ea.  ipod-ul e al unei cu totul alta ea. iar toamna capata sensul sfarsitului unei relatii la care am tinut acum mult timp. vise multe. vise ciudate. dar vise.

fragmente de stand-up genial, mai vechi, cu teo.

(mai mult…)

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